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The Ultimate Guide to Preparing Your Home for a Sudden EMP Attack on the Grid

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“Blast Proof”

The Ultimate Guide to Preparing Your Home for a Sudden EMP Attack on the Grid

it’s the only practical program you’ll find that will help you prepare and survive the destructive “Hypersonic EMP” that’s going to fry our power grid…

This program will also show you how to safely pull through the chaos and carnage that follows the disaster. In fact, if you want your family to be safe when an EMP strikes… this is it.

No stone is left unturned in this program…

Everything you need to learn to face the inexplicable world…

Where danger lurks around every bend is inside this life-saving program.

It will help you plan for an EMP attack ahead of time…

But most of all, they will give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you have control over your family’s safety no matter how things get…

Now, of course, you don’t have to do this.

And you can sit back and trust our government to protect you if you like…

But by reading this full presentation…

I know you’re a lot smarter than the average Joe.

You see that America could soon be transformed into a total chaotic state…

And that you could be forced to live on candles and watch your kids freezing and starving…

That’s why it’s your responsibility to make sure that your family won’t be at the mercy of others when that happens.

And Blast Proof was designed to help you prepare and protect your loved ones…

So Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll get inside Blast Proof:

Protect Your Devices Against The Strongest EMP That Was Ever Made

You’ll have a step-by-step blueprint on how to make a special Faraday cage that will protect your devices against the most powerful EMP in the world.

EMPs are not all equal in power and impact. An EMP made by a group of fanatics is not as devastating to our grid and electronic devices as an EMP made by an enemy state that invested billions of dollars into developing the most destructive EMP missile.

Which’s why it’s extremely crucial for you to have this blueprint at your disposal. Because it will protect your devices no matter how destructive the blast of the hypersonic EMP is.

How To Safely Bug Out When All Hell Breaks Loose On The Streets

You’ll learn special bug-out techniques that allow you to quickly and swiftly get away from the mayhem on the streets in the first few hours of an EMP attack. You will know what you should and shouldn’t do during the first few hours of a grid-down disaster.

Prepare Your Car And Quickly Evacuate Danger Zones

On page 180 you’ll learn how to prepare your car and protect its circuits from the burst of EMP. I can’t stress enough how important it is for you to shield your car.

A vehicle in times of crisis could save your family’s life, help you get to your home quickly, and move around faster in case you need to escape dangerous situations.

Grow Healthy, Calorie-Rich Food In Your Backyard Or Garage

No matter how much food you stockpile. In a major disaster like an EMP attack. Eventually, you’ll run out by then the grocery stores will be swept clean.

But don’t worry, page 72 will show you how to assemble a simple high-output food generator that allows you to grow healthy calorie-rich food and provide fresh, and tasty meals for your family… Even if you don’t have a large plot of land, you can grow your veggies in your garage, roof, or your backyard.

The 5 Vital Electronics You Must Have After An EMP Strike

Yes, flashlights and emergency radios are important, but Missing out on any one of the devices revealed inside Blast Proof, could mean that your family will struggle with essential things like communication, light, and heat.

How To Put together An EMP-Proof, Off-grid home solar system

When an EMP completely shuts down our power supply. Most Americans will have no clue how to generate electricity and keep their families warm in the cold of winter. Imagine how catastrophic that would be. How millions of families will suffer without power.

But you won’t be one of them because inside “Blast Proof” you’ll be able to quickly and easily assemble an EMP-proof, off-grid home solar system… that will give your home instant electrical power to keep the lights over your family’s head, keep them warm and cozy, and preserve your food.

This is a completely off-the-grid system. Which means that it will not be affected by an EMP. Because the solar panels, the battery bank, and all the other components are not connected to the power grid and don’t include the circuits that an EMP fries.

Purify Large Quantities Of Water And Enjoy Pure, Drinking Water

You’ll also be able to put together a Biosand Water Filter that purifies large quantities of water (including wastewater) in less than 30 minutes.

This innovative filter can provide clean water for a family of 5 or more when the water supply is contaminated. That way you and your children will stay hydrated and enjoy fresh clean water.

Turn Your Home To An Impenetrable Castle Using Little known Home Defense Techniques

Unlike any other EMP preparedness program out there, this program will feed you more than 50 pages full of little-known home defense strategies and techniques… that will turn your home into literally an impenetrable castle… and safeguard you from looters and masked gangs in the event of an EMP.

You’ll discover proven home protection strategies and traps that are guaranteed to keep looters away from your home.

You’ll Also Receive Three Exclusive Reports 100% FREE!

It’s essential that you get access to Blast Proof right away. We don’t know what the future may hold for us. But you need to prepare and you need to do it now. This is why, when you get Blast Proof today, I want to send you three special reports to help you through these hard times.

Your first free report is called:

Off-grid Home Protection Systems

And it will show you how to defend your home against violent criminals or looters. It shows you how to keep your home safe without any home protection systems and without any use of electric power. You will find out what are the best dog breeds in case of a disaster. And even though it may sound surprising. This guide explains how you can actually protect your home by planting defensive bushes.

Second, you’ll get:

Unscathed Survival

Inside it, you’ll see how to survive 10 different disaster scenarios like hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, terrorist attacks, and even an economic collapse. You’ll learn the absolutely crucial steps you must do to survive the aftermath of these disasters … with these steps, you’ll know exactly what to do and what to check for. You’ll learn how to react to stressful situations more calmly both mentally and physically.

And in your third report, you’ll get a comprehensive collection of time-tested and proven strategies, tips, and tricks that will help you create your own home pharmacy.

And your third free report:

How To Make Your Own Pharmacy

And it will show you the natural treatment alternatives for a time when no doctors will be around. You’ll know what natural remedies you can use… and you’ll be able to find them with ease. You’ll also find out how to prepare them quickly, and the best ways to store them.

With these 3 reports you could be one of the few who THRIVE during this coming storm.

When it hits your inbox, make sure you open your reports right away…

…to be sure you don’t miss out.

When you get all 3 free reports…

  • #1: Off-grid Home Protection Systems
  • #2: Unscathed Survival
  • #3: How to Make Your Own Pharmacy

…you’ll be prepared to:

  • Safeguard your family and give instant electrical power with 3 different EMP-proof sources of energy…
  • Enjoy food security… You’ll have enough food to feed your family no matter how long the disaster takes.
  • Shield your household from looters, and gangs, and sleep in peace with zero worries about some street thugs coming to take what’s yours.
  • Guide and help your close circuit or small community.
  • Potentially save their lives from the coming disaster.
  • And be in a position of power compared to others who don’t have your knowledge.

Fact is…

After going through the program and your 3 free reports…

You’ll stay calm, collected, and protected when the rest of the world panics…

You’ll feel confident, knowing what to do when the lights are turned off… and when chaos unravels.

And of course, your family’s going to have all the drinkable water you want… when others will die of dehydration or drinking dirty water… you’ll have enough water to cook, drink and shower.

By now you’re probably wondering…

“How much is this incredible package going to cost?”

Look, having Blast Proof at your disposal not only means a full off-the-grid “EMP-proof” life for you and your family…

Having this program in essence means safety, confidence, and peace of mind knowing that your loved ones are going to be protected…

NO MATTER how bad things get…

Every day you live providing fresh food, clean water, and endless electricity for your family while seeing them healthy and happy…

It’s another day of living life without regret…

Because you’ve taken a huge, important step to make sure you have the right tools needed to get out there and be confident about facing any disaster life throws at us…

And when you consider that Blast Proof really can do all of this for you…

You can probably understand why my team was adamant that we set the price of this life-saving program at $297…

Which I think is extremely fair…

Just think about how much the average stockpile for a family of 4 for only 3 months costs about $1900.

That’s just 3 months… if you truly want to be secure you probably need a 5 year supply at least.

And it can all go to waste if you don’t know the right thing to do. And it’s not only about the money, think of all the time and effort you’re putting into it.

And yet, while I know that we could charge $297 for Blast Proof and I’d still sleep soundly at night…

This Isn’t About Making a Profit for Me or Tyler

Instead, it’s about fulfilling a promise I made to myself to help as many hard-working folks as I can survive this coming disaster…

Which is why if you decide to take action right now…..

And say “YES” to this life-saving program…

You won’t need to spend $297…or Even $197…

And why instead, by taking action today…

You can order Blast Proof PLUS all the special reports:

  • #1: Off-grid Home Protection Systems
  • #2: Unscathed Survival
  • #3: How to Make Your Own Pharmacy

For just a one-time special offer of $39.


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