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3, 6, 9

Those numbers are super important.

They are special numbers.

Sacred numbers that hold the key to accessing a new alternative, abundant reality.

…Where you magnetically attract jaw-dropping financial miracles in just minutes.

Sounds unbelievable – I know!

I’ll explain exactly how it works- in just a second. In just a few minutes…

I’m going to reveal how these numbers hold the key to you quickly and easily hacking your mind and the Universe to
effortlessly attract…

  •  Complete financial freedom.
  •  Unexpected cash windfalls.
  •  All on complete autopilot.
  •  No matter how your current finances are looking.

And this will work for literally ANYONE.

Even if you have zero experience manifesting anything.

But first, I’ve got to warn you

I’ve taught this technique for attracting unlimited wealth effortlessly to over 670k of my loyal fans.

In over 32 countries.

And in fairness to people who learned this technique before from me…

I’m only able to leave this presentation up for a very short time before it’s taken down.

This manifestation code will make money show for you up out of the blue.

Here’s a quick fact:

All manifestation is controlled by how well your mind connects to the Universe.

The Universe and your mind is the source of all wealth and abundance.

Think about it…

Your mind is where you conceive what you want.

Where you picture what your ‘dream life’ will be like.

And the Universe is what delivers it to you.

Today, I’m going to share with you how to connect your mind to the Universe in a way you never imagined possible.

With these simple numbers,

3, 6 and 9.

It’s so powerful it will astonish you.

And if this seems a little unbelievable…

I totally get that.

But let me explain how…

Using the numbers 3, 6 and 9 to connect your mind to the Universe of unlimited
possibilities and manifest your ideal life is…

NOT a new idea.

In fact,

The idea dates back over 140 years and was first born inside the mind of a man who was widely regarded as…

“The greatest genius ever to walk the face of the earth.”

When Einstein was asked what it’s like to be the smartest guy on the Planet.

He said,

I don’t know.

You have to ask this man.

In just a second…

I’ll tell you all about how this man was the mental titan behind this manifestation ‘loop hole’ and a stack of other
incredible technology that we use today.

Some of which still baffles modern scientists.

First of all, we need to go back briefly to where this journey of discovery first started for me.

These days, life is good for me.

I’m one of the leading manifestation teachers and authorities online today.

Over a million people follow me and use my advice daily to get unstuck and attract wealth and abundance…who have
been trying to manifest for years.

I’m paid 4 figure sums hourly, to coach people on how to manifest their ideal lives.

But if you told me 5 years ago, that my life would be like this…I might have laughed in your face.

If I could muster a laugh that is.

Because the sad truth is…

I was totally lost and beat down by life when I discovered this secret of using 3, 6 and 9 to turn my life around.

Every day was a merciless beat down.

Emotionally, mentally, physically…and financially.

It was an endless treadmill of the shrill 5am alarm sound.

Followed by a torturous slow crawl through bumper to bumper traffic.

Before I had to ‘cold call’ one unwelcoming customer after another…from a brightly lit, soul crushing call centre.

I’d taken the job 7 years previous.

Told myself it would ‘tide me over’ for a few months

To get me through a very dry money patch.

But now… I was trapped.

I wasn’t qualified to do much else.

I’d left school early without even a high school Diploma.

And there I was.

I’d catch myself staring at the grey ceiling sometimes thinking…

Is this it?

Is this all I worked for?

All of my life?

Just to end up here?

I just thought things would be different at this stage.

To make matters worse…

I was living a kind of ‘double life’ that filled me with a deep shame.

My family and friends thought I was senior management in this company.

They thought I was climbing the corporate ladder.

Doing well for myself.

Little did they know I’d been passed over time and again for promotion.

And I had no idea why.

It was like I was invisible.

Maybe you can relate to that feeling.

While others thought I was doing ‘ok’ financially on the outside,

The inside was a VERY different story.

Bills were going unpaid.

Creditors were calling non-stop looking for payments.

I would dread the site of another red colored final demand notice letter.

And I was just about holding onto my dingy rundown Apartment.

Then…just when I thought life could not get any more stressful.

It did.

My girlfriend and Fiancé, Sarah, who had stuck with me through thick and thin over the years.

…Through financial struggle and hardship.

Through one disappointment after another…

…Dropped a bombshell on me on a cold Thursday morning before work.

As she padded in from the bathroom in her lilac dressing gown, she sat on the edge of the bed, turned to me and said…

“I’m pregnant”.

“16 weeks gone”.

“We’re having a baby!”

I nearly fell off my chair when she told me.

We were not planning for a baby

But this was happening.

I was in shock.

Now part of me was of course –over the moon.

Sarah was a great girl.

An Angel in my life.

And I had always wanted to be a Dad.

There is only one BIG problem…

When I looked at my bank balance that night.

My heart sank.

Babies cost money.

Lots of money.

This was the stress point for my finances I had always dreaded.

The straw that could break me financially.

My mind span out of control with worry about how I would support this child.

I had pictures in my head of us struggling just to put food on the table.

As hard as I racked my brains for an answer to my problems… no answer came.

What I know now is that an answer always comes.

The Universe is sending an answer to our problems all the time.

It’s just waiting on us to hear it.

For me the answer came in the most unexpected way.

Just down the road from my house in fact.

In Joe’s Café.

I used to go there in the afternoons.

For some quite time to think.

Mostly about how I was going to come up with the money I needed to take care of my soon to be expanded family.

I didn’t do much thinking though.

Most of the time was spent feeling like a ‘failure’.

…A loser that couldn’t support his family.

I actually had fantasies of living on a tropical island somewhere when I was younger.

…Taking exotic trips with my family whenever I felt like it.

…And working just a few hours a week.

But my life was a far cry from this fantasy.

With just $2000 dollars to my name in the bank.

Not much for a life’s work.

I was feeling sorry for myself one day in Joe’s Café, and filled to the brim with worry when I heard a man’s voice from behind me…

“You look really worried”

“What’s that?”

I answered back

“Worried I said” – answered the man.

“You look worried”, he repeated.

I span around to see who was talking.

I saw a man in his late 50’s peering back at me with China blue eyes and salt and pepper hair.

It sounds kinda strange but…

It felt like he was looking right through me.

Into my soul.

He was a sharp dresser too.

Like he just walked off the cover of GQ magazine.

Sharp slate grey Italian suit, and a green Rolex glistening on his wrist.

He looked like he’d never had a money worry in his life.

“Want another refill on that coffee?” he said warmly.

“Ye sure” I muttered.

“I’m Sebastian” he said.

And so…

we got talking.

I tuned out…I was dead wrong about this guy.

I assumed he came from wealth or a rich background.

But his real story could not be further from the truth.

He had a very rough upbringing.

Coming up in…. one of the tougher parts of Toronto.

The son of violent alcoholic and drug addicted mother…

Life had been anything but easy for Sebastian.

He’d even spent some time in Foster homes as a kid.

Like me in a way…he thought life and the Universe was out to get him at that time in his life.

He didn’t realize…as I know now that….

The Universe is always steering you on a path to your highest potential and good.

“So what happened” I asked?

“How did it all turn around for you?”

He looked at me for a second with some hesitation in his eyes.

…wondering whether to tell me more…

And then he continued…

It sounds kind of crazy I know…but it’s all down to…

Just 3 numbers.

3, 6, and 9

…and some help from the greatest genius the world has ever known.

“Who’s that?” I exclaimed.

“Nikola Tesla.” Sebastian answered quickly.

“That name is familiar” I said.

“It should be”… Sebastian answered back.

He’s the greatest genius ever to walk the face of the earth.

Sebastian explained how most people know only a fraction of what Tesla did.

They maybe even just know his name on the famous electric Car.

It turned out Sebastian had been given a special book on Tesla by one of the kinder Foster parents in his youth who
wanted to really help young boys.

“He was a special man …and this was a special book.” He said.

It was a book about the greatest genius of the last century.

Nikola Tesla.

“Tesla was the greatest scientist to ever live”… he explained.

Born in 1856 in Croatia..

He was responsible for many of the world’s greatest inventions including:

  • Alternative current. –That all electricity runs on today.
  • X-ray technology.
  • The modern day radio
  • The Electric motor concept you see in Tesla cars.
  • Even early Robotics.

Tesla was an undisputed Genius.

No doubt about it.

Even as a child Tesla could memorize entire books and store logarithmic tables in his brain.

When Einstein was asked what it was like to be smartest man in the world,

He said –I don’t know.

“You’ll have to ask Nikola Tesla.”

“Tesla didn’t inspire me to become a scientist though”

Sebastian said.

“He inspired me to become successful”

“Successful beyond my wildest imagination”

Most people know Tesla as the undisputed ‘genius’ he no doubt was.

But what most people don’t know about Tesla is that he was a MASTER OF MANIFESTATION.

Perhaps more than any other man who ever lived.

Tesla manifested more wealth and amazing creations than any other man.

Although not that interested in money…

He did license his patents for over $600k in cash and stocks to Westinghouse Electrical company early in his career.

That’s over 10 million in today’s money

He also created more than 300 patents in his life of 86 years.

They were potentially worth hundreds of millions.

Ideas and inspirations for his hundreds of inventions would come to Tesla effortlessly.

And he believed…these ideas were coming from the Universe…not his mind.

He was once quoted as saying:

My brain is only a receiver. In the Universe there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength and inspiration.”

He claimed to be inspired by a force greater than himself …rather than ‘trying’ to come up with invention ideas
himself…they came from this ‘core’ he talked about in the Universe.

And the way Nikola connected with the Universe was by ‘frequency’ or ‘vibration’.

Nikola understood…that emitting the right ‘vibration’ was the key to connecting with the source of everything in the
Universe he needed…and receiving all the abundance it had to offer.

Tesla was also quoted as saying…

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration”.

And one particular vibration interested Tesla the most.

They summed up in the numbers:

3, 6, and 9.

Nikola was obsessed with these numbers.

He used to say constantly:

If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have the key to the universe.

Tesla would only stay in rooms that contained these numbers.

3, 6 and 9.

He would only stay on floors, in buildings or rooms with those numbers.

Tesla would even walk around the block 3 times before a meeting-sometimes 6 or 9 times.

In Sebastian’s eyes, given the incredible genius and success of Tesla, it was clear he was onto something.

He was not sure exactly what at first but…

The numbers 3, 6, and 9 had changed Sebastian’s life.

He had gone from being ‘broke’ and ‘destitute’ to living in a 10 bedroom Mansion in one the wealthiest parts of Toronto.

He traveled first class everywhere.

Took multiple Exotic holidays.

Wore designer clothes and had more money than he could spend.

He had a wonderful wife and 3 children.

I didn’t try to manifest all this wealth and abundance he said.

In fact, “I was shocked at how easily it all came.”

He said… “Life used to be such a struggle.”

Always scrimping and saving for years.

Now wealth just flowed effortlessly for him.

“I want the same for you” he said.

“I spend my time these days looking for lost souls like you.”

Raising them up from failure and despair.

To living lives of effortless abundance.

“And I want you to have the same knowledge of how to use these numbers and what they represent to change your life too.”

“These days, I don’t use the book I got all those years ago to continue to attract success into my life.”

I focus on the core of Tesla’s teachings.

The frequency or vibration of 3, 6 and 9.

It Turned out Sebastian had been to MIT college on a scholarship after he read the book on Tesla as a kid.

Such had been the massive influence the teaching of Tesla had on his life.

There he got an honours degree in Engineering.

So he knew a thing or two about numbers.

He went on to explain what this 3, 6, 9 idea of Tesla’s teachings meant.

To Sebastian, he believed Tesla was talking about a sound wave frequency.

The sound of… 369 hertz to be exact.

It was the vibration of sound Tesla was alluding to.

“It makes sense if you think about it”, Sebastian said.

Tesla was fascinated with vibration.

And sound is one of the core vibrations we live with.

Sound can affect us in dramatic ways.

A loud siren for instance can evoke ‘fear’ or ‘alarm’.

Or softer meditative sound can create incredible feelings of deep relaxation.

Just listening to certain sound waves has an incredible effect on the brain, he explained.

And this idea is also backed up by scientific research.

It turns out 369 hertz is one of the fastest and easiest ways to get into an Alpha brain wave state.’

He explained further,

The Alpha Brain Wave State is a brainwave state mediators spend years trying to get into.

It’s the Brain wave state that calms the mind, and helps it to focus its attention on what you want.

And what you focus on tends to manifest as reality.

Sebastian continued… most people who try to manifest use some new tool or other, they advertise today – like some manifestation prayers or something similar.

And they FAIL.

Or they go old school with vision boards and affirmations.

And they FAIL again.

It’s not because these methods don’t have some merit.

Of course they do.

However, the normal everyday brain wave state of most people is one of stress and worry…especially when it comes to

We are actually wired to worry and look for problems in our environment.

It’s how we survived for thousands of years.

And money is necessary for survival in this world.

So all the worry gets focused on it.

This worried state affects your emotions, your ability to focus and ultimately- your vibration around money.

And if your vibration is low or disturbed…

You can forget about attracting anything you want into your life.

According to the Harvard Gazette:

This Alpha Brain Wave Rhythm is thought to “turn down the noise in the mind and quiet distracting thoughts.

Students in the Alpha Wave state made faster and significantly more pronounced attention-based decisions.

In other words, they automatically made better decisions in their lives.

So, the bottom line is…

The Alpha state enables you to slow down, relax, and focus.

And what you focus on starts to grow bigger in your life

Brainwaves are also the core of our reality.

The core of all our experiences.

German physiologist and psychiatrist Hans Berger who recorded the first human EEG machine in 1924 to measure Brain waves said…

The root of all our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors are Brain waves.

They are the core of what we know as ‘reality’

Anything that alters our brainwaves will alter our reality.

So, sound can effectively alter our reality by altering our Brain waves.

In the Holistic world, the frequency 369 hertz is associated with cleansing the root chakra.

That Chakra is associated with our survival and getting all our needs met.

When it’s clear- the path is open for abundance to come our way.

It helps us achieve our goals.

It lets our dreams come into our reality.

The Alpha Brain wave state is the place where real changes are made in the mind.


Neuroscientists recently made a correlation between an increase of alpha brain waves—and the ability to reduce depressive symptoms and increase creative thinking.

They go onto say that:

The Neurogenesis (growth of new neurons) that takes place in the Alpha State can alter the architectural connectivity between brain regions and EVEN increase brain volume, which directly impacts cognitive function.

A major part of cognitive function is our thoughts, beliefs and attitudes.

When in an Alpha Brain wave state…

Your mind opens up to release deep subconscious blocks that stop the universal messages of abundance getting into your mind.

So deep seated negative beliefs we are all programmed with like:

  • I’m not good enough.
  • I’m not competent.
  • I’m a failure…

Simply melt away like snow on a sunny day in the Alpha Brainwave state.

  • Leaving the mind clear to be creative and calm.
  • Leaving the mind clear to fulfill its true potential.
  • Leaving your mind clear to hear the inspiring intuition from the

Just like Tesla did.

Where you can manifest EXACTLY what you desire.

Be that:

  • The luxury gleaming car
  • The perfect palatial dream home.
  • A loving soul-mate.

It’s all there at your fingertips.

Your vibration change in the Alpha Brain Wave State clears negative low vibration thoughts and the positive messages from the universe can finally flood into your mind.

Just like Tesla had experienced.

According to Sebastian:

‘When Tesla said if you want to understand reality you need to understand frequency and vibration.’

He was talking about using this powerful sound to alter your vibration or brainwave state…clear away internal blocks to abundance…and manifest new abundant realities at will.

I sat there amazed and a little skeptical at what Sebastian had just told me.

Sebastian told me how he had been working on this sound over the years with professional highly sought-after sound engineers.

He added some special touches to refine the sound of this 369hrz frequency.

Making the recording more potent, more powerful.

Helping him to access the Alpha Brain Wave State for longer.

And the result was more and more abundance showing up in his life every year.

  •  He had more money than he could spend.
  •  An incredible loving family and kids.
  •  And took multiple exotic vacations every year.

He also felt a deep unshakeable peace in his heart, after years of suffering with anxiety and depression…going all the way back to his childhood.

He handed me ‘the recording’ on a small memory stick to listen to.

He placed a comforting hand on my shoulder, told me good goodbye. And before I could process all that just happened…

He was gone.

To be honest…I thought he was a little crazy at first.

The idea seemed a little ‘out there’ to me.

But there were the scientific studies backing it up.

And I had nothing to lose…

So that afternoon after work…I went home to a quite house.

Lay back on the couch and listened.

“At least this was something simple” I thought to myself.

I had tried some manifestation stuff before…but got bogged down doing affirmations and vision boards.

The sound was super relaxing – no doubt.

That’s the first thing I noticed.

I felt relaxed


  • I still had my money worries.
  • Financial stresses.
  • All that stuff.

The next day. I woke up at the usual time.

And headed off to work.

Nothing seemed different.

In fact, at 8pm that evening…

It all seemed painfully ‘the same’ as I checked my bank balance.

$89.67 overdrawn.

My heart sank.

A late payment fee on my overdue mortgage payment had sent me into the red again.

My stress levels started to rise inside me.

I thought to myself…

That recording is just not working!

Then…I remembered Sebastian had told me to listen to the recordings for at least 3 days…so I sat down that night –
for a few minutes and listened again.

The second day, -NOTHING.

Kind of like the day before

Then on day 3…

Something interesting happened. An unexpected bank transfer hit my account for…

Wait for it…


Not a fortune, but a much appreciated boost to my income that month.

It was a refund on an overpayment on a loan from years ago.

Something I thought the bank would conveniently forget.

But there it was.

Clear as day.

And the numbers…

They caught my attention.

It contained a 3 and a 6.

Could it be? I thought to myself.

No- that would be just too crazy a coincidence.

As the weeks went on and I listened to the recordings every day…

Life started to take on some very interesting new and unexpected twists.

My sales started to shoot up at work.

It was small at first.

People started saying ‘yes’ more than ‘no’ to what I was offering on the phone every day.

Then it snowballed to more and more yes’s.

It was kind of weird.

Like I had a special new power of something.

Like never before.

And my performance shot through the roof.

A fact that did not go unnoticed by higher management – to whom I had always felt ‘invisible’ before.

Before long, I was called into the office by my line manager Steve.

Which was odd because he always talked to me at my Cubicle.

He greeted me with a warm wide smile (unusual for Steve)

And told me “take a seat.”

“You’re being promoted to floor manager” he told me.

And there was a significant pay rise to boot.

Now I could actually delegate more work out.

Freeing up my time to be with Sarah more.

I felt elated.

Like a weight had been lifted off my back.

And it didn’t end there.

A few weeks later, I was taking a long lunch and got talking to one of my long-term work colleagues.

He shared with me a simple online business he was working on for an hour or so a day…that was starting to grow rapidly in revenue.

It involved very little work and was a solid long- lasting opportunity.

I thought what the hell-I had nothing to lose.

So gave it a go.

A few weeks went by…

And to my amazement.

Within 6 months…I was making 10 times what I was making in my regular job every month.

After a month or two…

I had more than enough to quit my job and spend even more much needed precious time with my family.

Thanks to one simple sound.

Using a specific frequency from a benevolent genius many years ago…

My life had completely transformed.

I went from struggling to thriving.

Practically overnight.

I went back to the Café many days after my life turned around… Looking for Sebastian.

Hoping to meet him and thank him for all he had done.

I even left my number with the owner for him to contact me.

But no one ever saw him again.

So, as part of my new life’s mission…

I decided I would share this sound with others.

Share this abundance frequency with other people.

I connected with a sound engineer company myself and got professional recordings made with the frequency.

Tweaking them to make them even clearer, more powerful.

Helping me access the Abundant Alpha Wave State faster and for longer.

At first, I started sharing it with friends and family and those who could take a small leap of faith and give it a try…

There were some amazing rewards for those who had an open mind.

There were some amazing rewards for those who had an open mind.

My friend Steve came into an unexpected inheritance within weeks of listening.

Laura passed her driving test after failing 10 times before and won a new car. One she had always dreamed of.

Simon finally got his book published after years of bitter rejection letters from publishers.

And the list of miracles goes on.

It’s almost too long to mention.

As word spread, more and more people came asking for my help.

And my wife and I decided to make this sound and the incredible vibration altering effect it contained available to
more and more people.

Releasing it online…Albeit for a limited time…was the natural decision to take.

So that’s what happened.

I call the program

‘Tesla Manifestation’.

In honor of the man behind this idea.

It’s a simple 3 step program for using this amazing sound to manifest a life you might only be dreaming right now.

It’s a simple 3 step process for opening your mind to connect to the Universe.

Like Tesla had always talked about.

And manifesting an amazing life.

It really is as simple as 1- 2 -3

Step 1 – is to take some time to relax and listen for ten minutes to the vibration altering sound.

Step 2 – Allow some time to move your mind into the Alpha Brain Wave Pattern where all changes take place on a deep level.

Step 3 – Take some time to allow the thinking patterns and new vibration to take hold in your mind and manifest a
new reality…without even trying.

  • There are no boring eBooks to read and learn from.
  • no course you have to wade through.
  • no seminars you have to pay to attend.

Just listen.

That’s it.

Let the sound do its work and let more opportunities flow into your life.

With ease.

This simple no fuss manifestation practice is the answer to …

Manifesting financial blessing effortless…no matter what’s happening in the world or in this economy.

Manifesting riches and new opportunities.

Ending money worries…for good.

Imagine your new life…with Tesla Manifestation in it…

Each day you will be unlocking more and more of your ability to attract wealth and abundance.

And how you define that abundance will be up to you.

You could start living a life filled with

5 star travels

First class everything.

Vacation homes in exotic locations.

Or you might like to let a sense of real purpose and abundance and meaning come flooding into your life.

Your life can go from always being stuck in first gear to living a life of unlimited abundance.

Where the shackles of financial constraints are finally…


You’ll be able to do what you want –when you want -Without having to add up the cost-EVER.

Your brain, body and beliefs will all be working together for a change.

Connecting with a clear line to the universe and downloading abundance effortlessly.

  • Working to actualize wealth like never before in your life.
  • Working to maximize your fullest wealth potential.

You’ll experience a financial and lifestyle transformation.

People will look at you as a person who no longer just gets by- but lives the great life.

Tesla Manifestation will revamp your world.

  • Turn on your potential for massive wealth-Without you having to do the heavy lifting.
  • Change your deep-seated negative beliefs about money into wealth attraction inspiring ones.
  • You’ll feel a liberating comfort about money deep in your mind and body.
  • You’ll erase your debt.
  • Make money work for you and NOT against you.
  • You’ll be filled with hope, satisfaction and happiness.
  • Have better relationships.

Just sit back – relax and listen to the audio every day for the next 10 days and watch this new reality unfold in
your life.

So you may be wondering…

How Much Does “Tesla Manifestation” Cost?

Well, I’ll tell you, it doesn’t cost anywhere near as much as it should, considering the life changing effect it can
have on your life.

Some law of attraction ‘Gurus’ out there would keep this for those overpriced manifestation seminars, and charge
anything they wanted.

Hell, this stuff really works…and most people will pay anything for real results.

But one thing that I’m not is greedy.

I’m not running some mega-corporation here;

I’m not here to make a profit from you.

I see myself like Sebastian these days.

…just out to find lost souls who are struggling and show them how simple and easy it is to turn your life around without working harder…

Or by learning a whole lot of new stuff.

These days…

I live in the 5000 sq feet house of my dreams.

With a pool.

Facing the ocean.

My life is better than I could ever dream of years ago.

I don’t have a ton of overheads and costs,

So what I decided to do was price this one-of-a-kind secret information so low you’d think I lost my mind.

Just enough to cover web hosting costs is all I need and some advertising expenses.

At a fraction of my hourly $1000 personal coaching fee..

$27 is just enough to cover web hosting and some ad costs.

And that’s all you need to invest, RISK FREE today.

To get access to Tesla Manifestation. Because you are covered by my:

Access Tesla Manifestation today, you’ll be in the members area in just minutes from now. Listen to the recordings for the next 10 days… Start seeing new blessings and abundant events manifesting in your life. And if for any reason or no reason, you feel Tesla Manifestation is not everything I say it is and a lot more…simply contact me for a full refund immediately…any time within the next 60 days.

I don’t believe I can be any fairer than that. I’m taking all the risk on my Shoulders because I want you to feel secure and safe to make this tiny risk-free commitment for a life-changing result.


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