Greatest BaoFeng Antenna Improve | UV-5R | BF-F8HP

One of the best BaoFeng antenna upgrades to your UV-5R, BF-F8HP, or different Baofeng VHF/UHF handheld (HT) radios with a detachable antenna.

[ I recently purchased a VSWR / power meter that enables direct connection to the Baofeng for testing upgrade antennas for various bands (frequencies). I am updating this article’s recommendations, given my results, discussed below. ]

One of the best improve antenna is determined by the supposed operation (the legality of which is your individual due diligence). The suggestions listed under aren’t solely primarily based on their specs however by myself VSWR testing as properly.

Whereas many antennas could obtain properly sufficient exterior their Tx optimized frequencies, the antenna you select have to be tuned to TRANSMIT inside the band(s) you’ll be working on for optimum efficiency.

  • Ham (Beginner Radio) radio bands (VHF & UHF)
  • Business enterprise band (VHF)
  • Maritime radio band (VHF)
  • MURS (VHF)
  • GMRS & FRS (UHF)

Many individuals have bought no less than a pair of the favored BaoFeng UV-5R 2-way radios (or variants thereof, like my favourite model, the BF-F8HP). The issue is… The inventory BaoFeng antenna is lower than very best. In the event you’re critical about optimizing the utmost transmit distance, the precise BaoFeng antenna improve decisions listed under will enormously assist!

First. Why the BaoFeng model? Positive there are higher radios. However,

  1. Worth vs Options. BaoFeng discovered an affordable candy spot.
  2. Huge frequency vary for Transmit (Tx) and Obtain (Rx).
  3. Straightforward to program with free ‘CHIRP’ software.
  4. No technical restrictions to transmit on any frequency of the radio’s capabilities. (Although there are Authorized restrictions)

Greatest Aftermarket BaoFeng Antenna Upgrades

With that mentioned, there are many these BaoFeng radios on the market. I too have a number of units (amongst different manufacturers). So I wished to share with you my suggestion for a BaoFeng antenna improve that can carry out higher in your radio. I’ve them for all my BaoFeng radios.


Okay, sufficient already! What about one of the best antenna for the Baofeng UV-5R (or BF-F8HP)?

I don’t need to get all technical right here. However to an extent, I do must dip into it.

Relies upon On Which Bands You Intend To Use For Communications:

This is a vital consideration! It issues. Your Baofeng antenna improve selection is determined by the frequencies the place you plan to function. Antennas are designed for particular frequencies or vary of frequencies. Due to this fact working (transmitting) on a frequency exterior the antenna’s design parameters will produce poor outcomes. It might even harm the radio!

I could earn income from merchandise out there on this web page and take part in affiliate packages (no further value to you).

BaoFeng Antenna Improve For Ham Radio Bands 144/440

The Ham Radio bands inside the performance of the BaoFeng do require a license to transmit. They’re as follows:

VHF (Ham band) 144-148 MHz (2 Meter band)
UHF (Ham band) 420-450 MHz (70-centimeter)

One of the best Baofeng antenna improve for these Ham Radio bands:
(view on amzn)

It’s a 15.6-inch dual-band whip designed for Ham radio.

The NAGOYA NA-771 antenna is Tx optimized for 140-150 MHz and 420-450 MHz.

The precise optimization is 144 MHz and 430 MHz and has a acquire of two.5 dBi.

My SWR checks indicated the NA-771 carried out higher than the Diamond SRJ77CA that I occurred to even have.

There may be one other design of this antenna in case you’re in search of a really versatile whip. Nagoya says, “Most notably the alloy whip is vastly improved for flexibility and sturdiness.”

Greatest BaoFeng Antenna Improve for GMRS, FRS

This antenna will operate greatest when working on GMRS / FRS channels (frequencies / ‘band’). Once more, the FCC guidelines for transmitting on GMRS are past the scope of this text.

One of the best aftermarket Baofeng antenna improve for GMRS:

NAGOYA NA-771G (15.3″ whip)
(BTECH on amzn)

NAGOYA NA-701G (5.5″ whip)
(BTECH on amzn)

One of the best SWR obtained on the NA-771G

I used the Surecom SW-102 for measurements. Though I’ve a very nice Daiwa SWR meter, this one allows direct connection for handheld radios. I’m not claiming it’s good. There are many variables whereas making an attempt to measure HT antenna SWR and different higher and dearer methods to check. Nonetheless, it’s cheap to make use of it for comparability functions from one antenna to a different.

The NAGOYA NA-771G and the NA-701G antenna are Tx (transmit) optimized for the GMRS / FRS channel frequencies.

The precise optimization (no less than the place they specify ‘acquire’) is 462 MHz.

The NA-771G has an unimaginable acquire of 4.75 dBi. Nonetheless, it’s 15.3 inches lengthy, and might not be greatest fitted to pocket carry or belt-clip put on. However it certain does carry out very properly.

Relying on how the radio was held, SWR measurements ranged between 1.04 and 1.25: 1 which is great!

Nagoya NA-771G is the best baofeng antenna upgrade for GMRS.

Its little brother the NA-701G with its 5.5-inch whip and a couple of.15 dBi acquire didn’t carry out fairly in addition to the tall whip (to be anticipated), however was nonetheless excellent.

I hold each mannequin antennas as a result of they every have their benefits and so they each carry out properly!

Distinction Between NA-771G and NA-701G
Pros and Cons of Nagoya 771G versus 701G antennas

The NA-771G has a major acquire benefit. My measured SWR is great for this antenna with basically 100% of radio energy getting used (negligent mirrored energy). However as you possibly can see in my photograph above, that antenna goes to get in the best way of issues below some makes use of and circumstances. Though there are different makes use of and circumstances the place this gained’t be a specific drawback. You WILL get extra vary from this one.

The NA-701G is the only option antenna for regular use with GMRS. The antenna is not going to get in the best way, and it nonetheless performs very properly for any regular anticipated communication distances that one may count on from these radios.

With that mentioned, a very powerful issue for VHF / UHF transmit vary (distance) is peak above floor degree, the upper up, the higher.

GMRS (Basic Cellular Radio Service)

A set of frequencies close to 462 MHz and 467 MHz (some shared with FRS), well-liked and infrequently shared on FRS/GMRS “bubble pack” radios. Transmitting on GMRS-specific frequencies does technically require a “no-test” license (good for the entire household, and for 10 years. $35 as of this replace). Though apparently, the FCC has not enforced this requirement that I do know of.

FRS (Household Radio Service)

A set of frequencies close to 462 MHz and 467 MHz. You do not want a license to function on FRS ‘channels’. It’s mainly immediately’s low-power “walkie-talkie” band.

Greatest BaoFeng Antenna Improve for PLMRS (business/enterprise), MURS, Maritime (marine radio)

MURS (Multi-Use Radio Service)

A set of 5 frequencies close to 151 MHz and 154 MHz. There are all kinds of radio merchandise that use MURS frequencies past simply voice communications. Transmitting on MURS-designated frequencies doesn’t require a license.

Maritime Cellular

The Marine radio band falls on frequencies inside the spectrum between 156 and 162 MHz. Mariners and boaters use the Marine band to speak. Within the case of leisure boaters, for essentially the most half, no license is required.

PLMRS (Non-public Land Cellular Radio Companies)

The ‘business enterprise’ band inside the spectrum between 150 and 174 MHz. It’s additionally commonly known as the enterprise radio band. Transmitting on these frequencies does require a license.

(BTECH on amzn)

The NAGOYA NA-701C antenna works greatest for the three aforementioned bands. It’s Tx (transmit) optimized for VHF frequencies 150-165 MHz.

The precise optimization is 155 MHz. It has a acquire of two.5 dBi and a whip size of 8 inches.

Notice: Their specs for this antenna point out that it’s going to additionally carry out within the UHF band (450 – 470 MHz), which might in idea cowl GMRS / FRS. However not so quick, maintain your horses..

My SWR testing signifies this to not be one of the best case, in any respect, with poor SWR. This can be the explanation they’ve developed the 771G and 701G as described above. For that reason, I not advocate the 701C antenna for GMRS / FRS.

  • The 701C tuned one of the best (business bands) between 153-155 MHz (basically an ideal SWR)
  • MURS channels SWR ranged from 1.8 to 2.4: 1, which isn’t dangerous
  • Maritime (marine band) SWR ranged from 1 to 1.7: 1
Baofeng Antenna Upgrade

Why do preparedness-minded folks buy 2-way handheld VHF/UHF radios just like the BaoFeng UV-5R or BF-F8HP?

Wonderful options and technical capabilities versus value.

As a result of these radios fulfill the necessity for native 2-way communications and relaying data. This may grow to be particularly essential following a catastrophe, or worse. At this time’s standard fashionable strategies of communication could fail. Because of this, cell telephones, the web, and different digital communications could grow to be inoperable with out grid energy.

Transportable 2-way HT handheld radios will allow a area people to speak with one another (for instance). This may also present critical benefits for native safety. Equally, 2-way radio communications will improve one’s private / dwelling safety.

I like to recommend the next mannequin selection (in case you’re going with Baofeng). It’s a step up from the unique UV-5R. And newly bought radios can (apparently) nonetheless transmit on FRS/GMRS/MURS/Marine bands (see replace under).


Unlock New UV-5R ?

Replace: Apparently new Baofengs are actually restricted to solely transmitting on ham radio frequencies. 144-148 MHz, 222-225 MHz, 420-450 MHz. However can obtain on different bands similar to they used to.

Resulting from FCC motion, new units appear to be locked. Pay attention to this when buying new units.

Which means they can’t be used to transmit on MURS, GMRS, FRS, Marine VHF, or Half 90 enterprise frequencies. This apparantly places their radio into FCC compliance.

Edit: this appears to use to USA-sold/distributed fashions solely.

Replace: Apparently there’s a option to unlock/unblock/jailbreak the transmit frequencies on the newer Baofeng UV-5R radios in order that they operate similar to they used to. You may merely search on-line for the “how-to unlock Baofeng UV-5R”.

(here’s one YouTube video about this)

(FCC guidelines are past the scope of this text.)

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