15 Excessive-Calorie Crops You Can Develop in Containers

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15 High-Calorie Crops You Can Grow in Containers

Container gardening might not look like the final word in survival gardening; however for some preppers, it’s the one method to go.

Preppers who reside in flats can both select container gardening or quit on gardening altogether. Contemplating that they sometimes don’t have sufficient cupboard space for an excellent stockpile, selecting to not container garden simply shortens the time until they run out of food

However is container gardening even a viable different? Are you able to develop sufficient energy to maintain you going? With salads and veggies principally being “weight-reduction plan food”, it won’t look like it’s doable to do a lot with a container garden.

However that’s removed from the reality. Whereas leafy greens are low in energy, root greens are a number of the highest-calorie meals we eat. It’s all about making the suitable selections. 

That features making the suitable selections in which containers you use. Don’t neglect, container gardening can discuss with any dimension containers, even large ones.

Whereas it might not appear sensible to develop bigger vegetation in containers, folks truly achieve this on a regular basis. They even grow trees in containers, though about the one timber that almost all of us might develop indoors must be dwarf fruit timber. 

The most important problem in rising any plant indoors is them getting sufficient gentle. Your property solely has so many home windows, and also you’ll in all probability find yourself having vegetation in entrance of every of them.

An alternative choice you may need to think about is utilizing LED grow lights. These are energy-efficient sufficient you could energy them off of solar panels when the ability is out. You’ll need these solar panels to be charging a battery, so that you just’ll have energy in your develop lights when the solar is down or on days with loads of cloud cowl.

For watering functions, you need to guarantee that all of your develop containers have drain holes within the backside to remove the danger of overwatering. Put some form of catch tray there, in order that any water popping out of the underside of your plant pots doesn’t find yourself destroying your flooring. 

With all that in thoughts, let’s check out some high-calorie crops that develop properly in containers.


Avocado timber provide a considerable quantity of energy because of the excessive fats content material of the fruit. Dwarf kinds of avocado timber are greatest. They want deep pots to accommodate their root programs together with loads of daylight and common, deep water.

You will must be affected person as manufacturing may take just a few years, however the dietary advantages are value it.

Beans of all Types

Beans are a traditional survival food, being excessive in each protein and energy. Really, they’re even greater in energy than potatoes. Nonetheless, you don’t get as a lot quantity of edible vegetable from a bean stalk as you do from a potato plant. So, there’s a tradeoff there to think about. 

Beans could be planted pretty shut collectively, with particular person vegetation being 2 to 4 inches aside. Nonetheless, they often say to plant them in rows which can be 30 to 36 inches aside, to offer room for the leafy a part of the plant.

that one other means, some say to plant 4 to six vegetation per “hill.” We are able to equate that hill to a planting pot, placing a number of vegetation collectively in a single pot. 


Beets are excessive in sugar, including to their calorie depend. You’ll be able to even up the calorie depend extra by pickling them. Usually, cooked beets have 75 energy to the cup, however pickled ones have greater than 100. Beets are additionally an excellent vegetable to develop as a result of the greens could be eaten. Whereas these greens should not excessive in energy, they’re excessive in diet.

Beets could be planted shut collectively, preserving in thoughts that they’re extra spherical than carrots. I used to intersperse rows of beets in with my carrots, planting 5 rows of carrots, then one in every of beets. I planted them 2” aside, though they are often planted as shut as 1.5” aside. 

Bell Peppers

There’s quite a bit in frequent between rising bell peppers and rising tomatoes. Each take up about the identical quantity of room; each develop to be massive garden vegetation; and each hold supplying you with fruit till the fruit freezes.

So far as total quantity of food you could get per plant, bell peppers and tomatoes are a few one of the best selections you can also make. 


Whereas nowhere close to as power dense as potatoes, carrots have one main benefit for container gardening over different greens. That’s, they don’t want loads of horizontal area. You’ll be able to plant particular person seeds one inch aside and nonetheless develop wholesome carrots.

The trick right here is that the soil must be 12 to 16 inches deep. That may be problematic for many containers, however you may plant them in five-gallon buckets or make a container by slicing the highest off a five-gallon water jug. Carrots additionally develop pretty rapidly, coming to maturity in 60 to 80 days.


Imagine it or not, corn could be grown in containers, though it requires a bit extra space and care than another crops. The beauty of corn is that it is excessive in energy, helpful in any variety of dishes, and might simply be dried and saved for later use.

For profitable progress, select a big, deep pot for every corn inventory so there’s loads of area for the roots. Corn is a heavy feeder and requires common watering and fertilization. You will additionally need to develop a number of vegetation shut collectively for correct pollination, which is important for creating the ears.

Fruit Timber

I discussed fruit timber within the introduction to this text. Dwarf fruit timber make glorious home vegetation. Whereas their root system wants a good-sized pot, that actually isn’t an issue.

Place that pot on the finish of the couch, and construct a lid for it, with a gap within the heart. That means, it may well function an finish desk, in addition to a spot in your dwarf fruit tree to develop. 


Some sorts of melons, similar to cantaloupe and watermelon, could be planted in containers. These melons develop on creeping vines, to allow them to be planted in a good-sized pot and you may prepare the vine to develop behind the furnishings, across the perimeter of the room, the place will probably be out of the way in which.

Simply be sure to hold observe of the place the melons are rising, in an effort to hold them from getting trapped beneath the furnishings, the place they may change into deformed. 


Olives are particularly good for gardeners in hotter climates or the flexibility to offer loads of daylight even indoors. Olive timber are recognized for hardiness and talent to adapt to quite a lot of circumstances, however they do greatest in deep containers with well-draining soil and full-sun publicity.

Whereas olive timber take a number of years to supply fruit, the caloric worth of olives—particularly when pressed into olive oil—makes it well worth the wait.


These greens are an in depth relative of the carrot, though one which packs extra calorie density into the foundation. They can be utilized as a potato substitute or reduce up and put into soup. In the event you’re rising them outside on the patio, they don’t die when the primary frost comes alongside. In reality, many individuals say that they want that first winter frost to style sweeter. 

The foundation a part of parsnips wants about the identical quantity of area that carrots do, however the leafy a part of the plant wants far more. So, you’d in all probability be greatest off planting them together with different greens, even carrots, to maximise your planting area. 


Of all of the issues you may develop, potatoes present probably the most energy, contributing largely to the weight problems downside right here in america, because of the fast-food business. However you’d be stunned how little area it is advisable to truly develop potatoes.

Usually, the rows are spaced 24 to 36 inches aside, with solely 15-25 inches between particular person vegetation. The starters solely must be 6 to eight inches deep, so if you could find a large, shallow pot, you may develop them in a container. 

One factor to think about right here is constructing your personal container, very like a raised mattress, with a backside. Give your self 12 inches of soil depth, in order that there’s loads of room for the potatoes to develop.


Squash, together with varieties similar to acorn and butternut, is nice for container gardening. They will want massive containers for his or her sprawling vines, and so they choose well-drained soil and loads of daylight. Make sure you use a trellis and prepare the vines to develop up it. This can save area and cease the fruits from resting on the soil the place they’ll rot.

Growing Squash in Containers & Pots


Rising strawberries in hanging pots has nearly change into a cliché, it has change into so fashionable. Not solely that, however you may develop the vegetation upside-down out of the drain gap within the backside of the pot, making it doable to get twice the variety of strawberries per pot.

As with the tomatoes and bell peppers, as soon as strawberries begin giving fruit, they may proceed doing so. They’ll proceed rising for 3 years, however after that, the vegetation must be changed. 

Candy Potatoes 

Whereas not fairly as excessive in energy as white potatoes, candy potatoes are nonetheless packed filled with energy, whereas tending to be extra nutritious. They want roughly the identical quantity of room as white potatoes do, so if you could find area for one, you could find area for the opposite. 

Each white and candy potatoes are an important option to put down on the underside in case you’re going to be doing any container gardening. The leaves will develop up and across the different vegetation to get the daylight they want, whereas the load of the filth kinds a stable basis for no matter form of container holder you construct. 


Folks have grown tomatoes indoors for years, with many individuals in colder climates beginning their tomatoes indoors yearly, earlier than transferring them outside to plant. However they are often stored indoors, of their containers as properly. They want loads of gentle, so that you’ll need to place them in a window. 

One good factor about rising tomatoes is that after they begin to bear fruit, they’ll proceed bearing fruit till the primary freeze. After all, in case you’ve bought them indoors, they gained’t really feel that freeze, in order that they’ll proceed bearing fruit. You will get loads of tomatoes off of a plant or two, however the vegetation take up a good quantity of area. 

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