Right here We Go Once more.. Covid Worry Kickoff

Apparently, early final week, a ‘whistleblower’ at TSA stated (in essence) that Covid associated authorities mandates are coming again. Starting with masks. After which apparently incremental development into additional mandates – similar to earlier than. Reportedly Part 1 throughout September. Then a Part 2, October. And so forth.. Ramping up the Covid worry.

I heard this ‘whistleblower’ information on Thursday (or was it Friday noon?). I stated to myself… “No, no, they’re not going to do that once more, are they? And certainly it could be pure coincidence (once more) that it could be main proper up earlier than a presidential election whereby ‘mail-in ballots’, ‘bulk drop-offs’, and many others., would as soon as once more be allowed? Nah, that will don’t have anything to do with this in any respect, proper?”

However then, extremely, it turned exceedingly clear Friday night when the legacy mainstream media started messaging (in a ‘parroting’ kind of unison with precise phrases and phrases, no matter community retailers) to start scaring the general public as soon as once more. An apparent coordinated messaging effort to kick all of it off.

I believed to myself, “Wow, yup, they’re apparently going to try to do that another time.” Shortly thereafter, certain sufficient, additional information reviews additionally started popping out, together with statements about varied schools starting to mandate (once more) masks and mRNA pictures to be able to attend faculty. Different insider reviews.. together with apparently Kroger grocery retailer bringing again the masks (only the start earlier than others ‘fall in line’ too)? Through the previous two days I’ve heard tons extra ‘whistleblowers’ calling in to varied retailers, revealing related coming mandates reported internally. The entire sudden. Like a swap has been flipped. Simply coincident although, sure?

Right here we go once more..

I haven’t posted on this topic in fairly a while. I had hoped this crap was lastly over with. The extraordinary devastation that tyrannical overreach brought about to the center class, and small-to-medium measurement companies. To see that they’re now clearly making an attempt to whip all of it up once more – actually will get me offended. I’ve tried to withhold from posting about this, as a result of it doesn’t do a lot good apart from to vent. Nonetheless “if” individuals permit ‘2020’ to occur once more, we’re so F’d..

Have we not realized how a lot of what occurred final time was BS and didn’t must occur? Are we going to allow them to lead us in direction of eventual lockdown once more?! Are we?

I’ll let you know what.. I’m very, very curious how the general public at massive goes to reply this time round – assuming the push really continues. Though there’ll all the time be a proportion who will adjust to something – whatever the illogic – the query is, this time round, what number of will say “No! Not once more!” ?

Now that I’ve vented just a bit, how can I present a little bit of useful messaging to this brief put up? Properly, I suppose it begins with consciousness. It appears (to me) like they’ll do this once more. So, what are you able to do with that data? For my part, I’d say, resist. Plan forward. Recall all that occurred final time (although it stays to be seen in the event that they’re in a position to take it that far once more). If they’ll lock it down once more, simply assume how a lot worse the provision chains may be, provided that it has not likely recovered because the final time. Obtained sufficient TP? (lol).

What’s your opinion? Have you ever seen the messaging kickoff? Are they really going to deliver us there once more?

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