Radiation Tablets For Nuclear Fallout

iOSAT™ tablets, Potassium Iodide (KI) radiation tablets for nuclear fallout. Perhaps you’ve heard of those tablets earlier than. Perhaps not. It’s one thing that you just may think about holding together with your different medicines, simply in case. I do. Right here’s a few of what you must know..

You may name them radiation tablets. However they’re particularly for thyroid safety from nuclear fallout – be it a nuclear weapon assault, or a reactor meltdown.

>> If and when ‘one thing occurs’, it could be too late to get radiation tablets. Provides will likely be depleted close to instantly from ensuing panic.

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Radioactive fallout, from powerplants or weapons, can journey lengthy distances. Virtually all the thyroid most cancers from Chernobyl befell greater than 30 miles from the reactor.

Thyroid most cancers, particularly amongst kids, is the commonest and harmful impact from radiation publicity. Greater than 90% of the most cancers at Chernobyl was thyroid associated.

KI’s worth was demonstrated at Chernobyl. Greater than 18 million folks acquired the drug, and all have been protected. However in areas the place KI was not accessible, thyroid injury, together with most cancers, amongst kids spiked to epidemic charges. All preventable.

~ from the mfgr, Anbex

The energetic ingredient is potassium iodide (KI). It’s a type of extraordinarily soluble iodine. Consequently, the physique shortly absorbs and shops it within the thyroid gland. The explanation why it really works is as follows.. The potassium iodide saturates the thyroid gland and fills it to capability.

Why is that this necessary? The physique will reject the radioactive kind and excrete it (RAI – radioactive iodine – a radioactive contaminant that causes thyroid most cancers).

What’s the distinction between iOSAT™ tablets and different manufacturers of potassium iodide (KI) tablets?

iOSAT™ is outwardly the one grownup full-strength tablets for radiation safety
which have handed all FDA exams for purity, high quality, security, and efficacy.

FDA Accredited:

Finest Radiation Tablets For Nuclear Fallout

FDA Accredited 130mg tablets to be used in a radiation emergency. Individually sealed tablets. Scored to allow them to simply be cut up in half for 65mg dose (for youngsters).

  • 14 130mg tablets per pack
  • 14 days safety for adults
  • 28+ days safety for youngsters. Tablets are scored for simple splitting.
  • FDA-mandated individually foil-sealed for single pill storage and dosing.
  • No prescription required – OTC
  • Made within the U.S.A.

iOSAT (14 – 130 mg tablets)

iOSAT radiation pills

(FDA approval document)

How Many Radiation Tablets and How Typically To Take Them..

Advice: Retailer one pack of 14 tablets per individual for each location frequented (residence, work, relative’s residence, in a single day bag, and many others..).

iOSAT Potassium Iodide tablets (a.ok.a. radiation tablets) must be instantly accessible within the occasion of a nuclear radiation emergency (assault / fallout / meltdown).

To be simplest, the primary dose must be taken 2-3 hours BEFORE publicity. Nevertheless few of us know the time or the hour for if-and-when “it” occurs.. So, as quickly as within reason attainable afterwards – assuming you might be or will likely be in an affected space. Oh, and to cowl my arss, “use as directed by public well being officers”.

The producer says, “Administer one dose daily (similar time) till your loved ones has evacuated to an uncontaminated space, after which cease administering the tablets (as directed by public well being officers). Any remaining tablets will nonetheless be foil-sealed and accessible for a future want.”

Radiation Tablets For Kids

From Anbex, the FDA permitted producer, “Kids below 18 can obtain an efficient dose from half a pill. Nevertheless, KI is understood to be very protected for youngsters, so any youngster over the age of 1 might take a full pill with no hostile penalties anticipated.”

What About The Shelf Life or Expiration Date?

iOSAT Tablets are FDA permitted for 10 years from date of manufacture and must be saved unopened in a dry atmosphere at room temperature.

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