Flashlight For 22 Rifle – Barrel Clamp Gentle Mount

A flashlight for a 22 rifle. Lets discuss a barrel mild. That’s, a barrel mounted flashlight for a 22 rifle, or… a shotgun…no matter. A clamp mount to suit the barrel, and the flashlight.

I want to share with you a easy and cheap strategy to connect a barrel mild to a 22 rifle, or nearly any rifle or shotgun, if that’s the case desired.

There are some very nice barrel lights on the market, and plenty of selections in comparison with years in the past. Their specs have improved dramatically too (lumens-brightness output). Some examples under..

.22 Rifle Barrel Clamp Gentle Mount

One in all my 22 rifles (an previous Marlin 880 bolt motion, pictured above) had been designated for coyote ‘guard responsibility’ throughout nighttime “potty time” for my little 14-pound mini-Dachshund. The issue was, what about night or nighttime?

I connected a barrel mounted flashlight to the rifle barrel utilizing a easy and cheap common barrel mount. The clamp mount offers a brief 2-slot Picatinny rail to connect a tactical mild.

Now the 22 rifle turns into a possible varmint hunter after darkish, simply in case..

Within the image under, you may see the mount clamped to the rifle barrel with 4 screws (2 on both sides). And a TLR-1 Streamlight flashlight connected to it.

Right here’s the barrel mount that I used:

UTG Universal

mount a light with universal barrel clamp mount

Notice: The UTG common barrel mount linked above will match any barrel diameter starting from .51 to.78 inches (13mm to 19.8mm). Measure your barrel first, to make sure it’s going to match.

I pulled out my digital caliper and measured this specific 22 rifle barrel diameter to be 0.688 inches, or 17.48mm.

I additionally checked my Winchester 1400 shotgun barrel diameter to be 0.9 inches, or 22.88mm. So I would wish a unique barrel clamp mild mount for this shotgun, corresponding to the next.. 20-24 mm (.79-.94 inch)

Beamshot RF9

Right here’s a novel barrel mount with twin sides, “Each Sides Weaver Picatinny Rail”. Perhaps a scope on one aspect and a flashlight on the opposite?

Universal Dual Sides (12-20mm)

rifle barrel clamp mount dual sided picatinny rails

Examples of Gentle / Flashlights for Barrel Clamp Mount

If I needed to separate the sunshine selections into three value classes, it will be the next:

The most costly and top-of-the-line is the SureFire X300.
SureFire X300 Ultra LED (600 Lumens)
(SureFire on amzn)

The most well-liked and a terrific alternative for many is the Streamlight TLR-1.
Streamlight 69260 TLR-1 HL (1000 Lumens)
(Streamlight on amzn)

An awesome worth from ‘UTG’ is their Compact LED Gentle.
UTG Compact (400 Lumens)
(UTG on amzn)

The Benefit of a Barrel Mounted Flashlight

The first benefit is in fact, to see a possible goal when it’s dim or darkish. A mounted mild not solely lights up the goal space, however permits the sights for use.

A secondary tactical benefit is to blind and disorient the goal with vibrant (and even strobing) mild, enabling goal acquisition throughout these crucial seconds.

The last word although, is night time imaginative and prescient..

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