A Survival Cooking Pot

A smallish transportable survival cooking pot. You would possibly use it whereas tenting, backpacking, or possibly retaining in your 72 hour package or emergency bag. Listed here are some {qualifications}, and suggestions.

There are some fairly good transportable cooking pots on the market. They’re sufficiently small to backpack or package, use whereas tenting, and so on.., and can serve quite a lot of makes use of.

A survival cooking pot will allow:

  • heating the contents of a can of…
  • boiling water for protected ingesting
  • pasteurizing water to rehydrate a freeze dried meal
  • suspending over a hearth to prepare dinner (wants a bail deal with for that)
  • set in scorching coals to prepare dinner
  • scorching espresso or tea (cowboy espresso?)

I would love this survival cooking pot to have the next options..

  • Bail for hanging, suspending, lifting
  • Deal with or handles for pouring
  • Spout for simpler pouring
  • Cowl
  • Mild weight
  • Dimension/Quantity consideration (transportable)

As a aspect notice, do you know that one of many 5 C’s of survival (Dave Canterbury) is a ‘Container’? (as in, metallic pot for purifying water or cooking). See article hyperlink under for the opposite C’s.

Moveable Survival Cooking Pot

How small of a survival pot? Properly, that relies upon.. Are you cooking for one particular person? Utilizing it between two individuals? Does it want to suit properly in a backpack? What do you plan to primarily use it for?

Typical sizes for a “small” cooking pot seem to vary in quantity as follows. Listed here are some approximations for a number of in style sizes to offer you an concept of how a lot it is going to maintain:

475 ml (~ 17 ounces)
775 ml (~ 27 ounces)
1.1 liter (~ 38 ounces)
1.6 liter (~ 56 ounces)

When contemplating the amount of the cooking pot, issue within the water AND the meals (for instance if rehydrating freeze dried meals, and so on.). Will depend on the meals that you simply intend to prepare dinner too.

Greatest Options of a Survival Cooking Pot

Right here’s what I’m on the lookout for in a small cooking pot.


I choose that it has a bail. This permits a number of issues. Together with hanging or suspending the pot over a hearth. Though you would simply set in on a hearth grate, or straight on the coals (be careful, it would burn your meals!), I like the flexibility to droop it. With a bail, you’ll be able to modify the peak of suspension over the fireplace, which in flip impacts the heating of the pot.

Secondly, and clearly, the bail is right for carrying a pot filled with water, or no matter… It’s simply simpler that approach.

Moreover, the bail makes it simpler to elevate off a range burner. Much less probability to burn your fingers too.

Handles for Pouring

A few of these small cooking pots have a foldout deal with for lifting, gripping, or to make use of in unison with the bail for tipping the contents of the pot.

Pour Spout

They don’t all have a pour spout. Nevertheless it’s a really good characteristic to have. Instance… pouring cowboy espresso right into a mug.

A Cowl

I can’t think about a cooking pot, no matter it’s dimension, and not using a cowl. It retains ‘stuff’ out, and it permits the contents to warmth up faster (this makes a big distinction).


Aluminum is quite common (gentle weight). So is stainless-steel (a bit heavier). Titanium is expensive, however fairly candy resulting from it’s excessive light-weight traits.

Small Cooking Pots with all of the options


Right here’s a chrome steel ‘bush pot’ from Pathfinder. I name it probably the greatest survival cooking pots. It has all the options talked about above. They make a 64 ounce, proven under ( Peak 5.25″, Diameter 5 3/4″, Capability 8 cups). Additionally they make a 120 ounce model (15 cups).

Pathfinder 64oz
(their storefront on amzn)

Pathfinder 120oz


When you’re on the lookout for a bit smaller and lighter weight cooking pot (you would possibly virtually name it a mug), right here’s an intriguing titanium 750ml small cooking pot from TOAKS. Capability of three cups. Peak 4 3/8″. Diameter 4 1/2″. Weight 3.9oz.

TOAKS Titanium 750ml

Additionally they make one which’s nearly 7 cups (54oz). Peak 4 1/8″. Diameter 5 3/4″.

TOAKS Titanium 1600ml with Bail Handle
(view on amzn)

Searching for a cooking set somewhat than only a single smallish transportable cooking pot? MSR is in style (amongst others)..

MSR on amzn

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